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eGRAB Inventory

Tag anything, track everything

eGRAB is a powerful and scalable software tool for managing your complete supply chain with RFID technology. The system can be embedded into existing accounting package structures or be used as a standalone product. No matter where you choose to implement your RFID tagging in the supply chain, eGRAB can help you achieve better real time inventory visibility saving you valuable time and money.


The Benefits

  • Easily tag, track and trace your items
  • Count your inventory in minutes
  • Manage goods in/out
  • Replenish stock with accurate stock reads
  • Manage store locations and¬†planograms
  • Tuned for omni-channel retailing
Products Found
Unexpexted Items
Overstocked Items
Replenish Stock

One Application

For all your devices

eGRAB is a powerful RFID management application that works across both mobile and fixed iOS, Android and Windows devices. Using one single dashboard, eGRAB offers the ability to manage the RFID implementation process at every step of the supply chain through to in-store customer experience.

The mobile version connects via bluetooth to handheld RFID reading terminals and allows retailers to take a snapshot of their entire inventory floor plan in minutes, manage their inter-store and warehouse shipments as well as link products in the database to digital content that triggers when a consumer interacts with an item.