eGRAB Media

Products that speak, but are you listening?

Want better POS display intelligence? eGRAB expertly uses RFID technology to acquire critical retail display data on inventory performance and customer engagement.  This insight helps retailers better understand the behaviour of their consumers and how to manage merchandising for maximum impact.

Consumer Experience

Use RFID to trigger digital content

With eGRAB Media your inventory becomes an extension of your sales force and a powerful customer engagement tool. The eGRAB Media Manager tool allows retailers to easily create digital shopping experiences and generate product recommendations based on the RFID tagged item a customer is holding. Behind the scenes eGRAB analytics collects vital data on how items are interacted with by customers.

Unlike BlueTooth beacons or NFC based customer experiences, RFID doesn’t require additional consumer technology to function. With RFID the valued added experience becomes embedded into the shopping journey as part of everyday merchandise interaction.

Key Features

  • Collect passive data on consumer interactions
  • Use RFID enabled kiosks to recommend other products
  • Use the same tags across inventory, consumer engagement and security
  • Help retail staff become more knowledgeable about stock features
  • Give consumers instant access to related products
  • Use eGRAB’s built in template manager to control your content

In-Store Analytics

eGRAB Media lets retailers obtain vital statistics on the impact of their inventory throughout the store. By generating statistics in real-time it significantly increases the reaction time to negative changes in sales patterns.

Using RFID to track inventory performance means that we can offer previously inaccessible insight into shopper behaviour; such as

  • How many times an item of stock is picked up
  • What are the most popular items or categories in store
  • What are the potential price / colour / store location sensitivities.