Kaibosh Eyewear

Norway - Sweden - Denmark

Digitact developed a custom iOS application as part of a self contained shop-in-shop solution that uses RFID tagged glasses to initiate a user experience on an iPad.

The project has been deployed across multiple sites in Scandinavia.

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Medi Optiek

Bussum, The Netherlands

OpticTouch – Multi-user edition with RFID compatibility. Customers can place a pair of glasses anywhere on the table and using RFID, the relevant product information will automatically appear on-screen.

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Urban Retreat at Harrods, London

In collaboration with Urban Retreat at Harrods, Digitact created an interactive media platform dedicated to the beauty industry.

By using gesture technology and object recognition, BeautyTouch lets consumers dynamically browse, share, email, give feedback and request further information about products and services of some of the biggest names in beauty.

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Holland Optical

The Netherlands

Digitact created a custom user interface that supported 4 simultaneous users on an interactive touch screen. The application is used for various trade exhibitions to help BBGR and Holland Optical Instruments sales staff discuss the benefits of their products.

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Jansen Opticiens

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

The installation was to provide a technical solution to remodel a key area within the Jansen Opticiens Retail store. A main priority was to initiate further customer engagement by using RFID tagged products to launch branded experiences upon placing the products on a shelf underneath a touchscreen with our OpticTouch application