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eGRAB Customer Experience 

Limitless Engagement

Add your product and branded media (images/ video/text/related items etc), and create beautiful digital signage content for your retail displays.

Depending on configuration, items removed from, or placed within an eGRAB RFID enabled smart display will trigger product specific advertising at the point of interaction.

Global or regional audiences

Harmonise content to multiple regions, or localise it to specific stores.

Global data is fed back to eGRAB for further analysis and decision making.

eGRAB Inventory Management

Key features

  • Rapid inventory counts(avg. 30 times faster than barcode)
  • Automated stock replenishment
  • Planogram management
  • Inter-store transfer
  • Shipment management and RFID pallet checker
  • Item locator and shelf management

Inventory data highlights

Design your reports:

  • Analytics snapshots that includes a total overview of inventory performance and customer engagement numbers.
  • Track product conversion rates across stores, date ranges, campaigns etc, i.e in-store product try-ons vs sales.
  • Analyse campaign performance, item level interaction data / sku groups or create entirely custom reports unique to your business.
  • Detailed data mining capability with numerous report outcomes using the custom report generator.

Intelligent inventory engagement

with retail displays that track inventory movement and deliver one to one advertising.

eGRAB has a complete content design tool that enables retailers to customise the content triggered on digital signage displays and interactive kiosks when customers interact with RFID tagged items.

eGRAB Merchandising Analytics 

Embedding eGRAB’s RFID technology into retail merchandise displays can provide real time inventory feedback by capturing analytics across a broad range of interactions including; how often a product is engaged with, colour and size preferences, seasonal view trends and more. Through the reports dashboard eGRAB users can extract granular or high level inventory performance data for analysis.

API Integration

Integrate RFID

without the need for existing software migration

Via the eGRAB API, our platform allows third party software providers to integrate eGRAB’s RFID capability easily and seamlessly into any organisation.

Connect eGRAB to;

  • POS software,
  • accounting,
  • warehouse,
  • eCommerce,
  • other 3rd party software.

Custom designed RFID ready environments

eGRAB RFID hardware can be installed into a variety of retail display scenarios. We have provided some examples below of pre-existing designs or you can work with our team to build something bespoke for your requirements (clothing racks, desks, plinths etc).


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  • Item level intelligence at scale.
  • Economically deployable.
  • Minimal process disruption.
  • Ultimate traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Growing Internet Of Things (IOT) global market, set to reach $55B by 2025.