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The Smarter Store


Data fragmentation from disparate software systems is often problematic when trying to implement predictive supply chain and inventory strategies. There are many AI tools on the market that exist to help ecommerce sites learn the behaviour of their customers based on website navigation, but very little is known about the customer engagement journey a product takes once it is merchandised on a shop floor.

The Numbers

The resultant cost of the inventory data problem is an estimated USD $700b per annum that is spread across inefficient inventory management processes, shrinkage and the grey market. RFID and IoT technologies are making a massive impact in tackling this enormous problem, and the more we know about our product journeys the more we can develop countermeasures that form part of the solution.

Solving The Disconnect


Solving the disconnect between what online retailers and brick and mortar retailers know about their inventory behaviour means we can make informed merchandising decisions based on actual inventory engagement data from the shop floor. A well executed RFID deployment helps to ensure the best product mix is on display at all times so that lost sale opportunities are a thing of the past.

Our Solution

Our cloud connected smart merchandise displays are programmed to react when a customer engages with a product, triggering branded content specific to the consumers interest and providing inventory insight previously inaccessible within bricks and mortar stores.

Displays installed with our technology create a low powered radio frequency field that can detect movement of RFID labelled inventory. Simply print your RFID label, attach it to the product and place the item on the display and the tagged product will automatically sync to the smart shelf. Once the item is placed it instantly begins recording consumer engagement and reporting statistics to the cloud.